About us

Snow Ice is not a shaved ice, Frozen yogurt or ice cream. The best way to describe Snow Ice would be a frozen cotton candy. Snow Ice is fully flavored and ready to serve without adding any syrup because it's made with fruit and juice bases mixed with milk.

Then we slice a frozen block in thin layers creating a delicious, aesthetically pleasing dessert. Snow Ice is very unique in appearance and marvelously stylish. Also Snow Ice has a rich taste with just less than 150 calories per serving with more than 20 flavors and 30 combos to choose from.

Snow Factory flavors

Fruit Flavors


Serving size 175g / 138 Calories


Serving size 175g / 126 Calories


Serving size 175g / 119 Calories


Serving size 175g / 111 Calories

Green Apple

Serving size 175g / 119 Calories


Serving size 175g / 115 Calories


Serving size 175g / 122 Calories


Serving size 175g / 117 Calories


Serving size 175g / 112 Calories


Serving size 175g / 157 Calories


Serving size 175g / 110 Calories


Serving size 175g / 126 Calories

Cream Flavors


Chocolate is one of our most popular flavors!

Cookies n Cream

Cookies N Cream is one of our most popular flavors!


Milk is one of our most popular flavors!


Yogurt is one of our most popular flavors!

Herbal Flavors


Coffee is one of our most popular flavors!

Green Tea

Green Tea is one of our most popular flavors!

Mint Chocolate

Mint Chocolate is one of our most popular flavors!


Vanilla is one of our most popular flavors!

Our History

Hot Deal

A Good Start

In 2009, one founder wanted to introduce another option to a crowded cold dessert market in Hawaii. With the market flooded with local shaved ice stands, traditional ice cream shops, and trending yogurt shops, three founders felt another option can find its niche among Hawaiians known for their love of cold desserts.

Hot Deal


What they found was a snow ice dessert that was beginning to gain some popularity in Taiwan. But the three founders felt the original snow ice-flavored ice, shaved from ice blocks in thick ribbon-like texture - needed some refinement in taste, presntation, and quality.

Hot Deal

A Star is Born!

With that in mind, they started testing and concocting different flavors of snow ice than what was already introduced in the market. In the end, they were able to create snow ice that is fluffy, icy, and creamy. Fusion of shaved ice and ice cream was born!


My kids love this place and I’m with them.

Eileen C.
Carrollton, Texas

It really is frozen cotton candy haven’t had anything like it. Amazing!

Michelle S.
Da-Gu, Korea

I can’t believe how great it taste and I’m trying to keep the calories down, perfect!

Tristan W.
Carrollton, Texas

We came here on our first honeymoon, We can’t wait until they open one back home.

Shanna T.
Kilauea, Plaza

This stuff is bomb, makes a toasty day on the waves mucho tasty. Surfs up bro!

Jack K.
Mobile Snow, North Shore

The cutting edge artisan style of this brand is something we should all enjoy, Looking forward to more locations.

Sean B.
California Food Critic